(Testosterone Enanthate)

Primoteston or more specifically Primoteston Depot is a Testosterone Enanthate compound manufactured by Schering, one of the leading anabolic steroid pharmaceutical giants. Interestingly enough, Schering also manufactures Testoviron Depot another Testosterone Enanthate compound that is virtually identical, but our focus will be on Primoteston. Considered one of the best Testosterone Enanthate products on earth, as you might expect the demand for Primoteston is high and as you might expect itís not one of the cheapest testosterones on the market. Even so, as a Testosterone Enanthate compound itís still rather affordable and definitely worth your attention if youíre interested in a high quality product.

In-order to understand Primoteston we must first understand the testosterone hormone and then and only then can we understand how the Enanthate ester affects it. So that you can understand this powerful steroid, weíll look at all aspects from its mode of action, itís positive benefits and side effects and of course weíll also look at the prevention of adverse reactions. Just to provide a bit of a spoiler, when weíre through with our discussion youíll find Primoteston to be one of the most valuable anabolic steroids on earth. Further, weíll find it to hold one of the highest levels of toleration among healthy adult men.

Primoteston Basics:


Primoteston is one of the popular trade names given to the Testosterone Enanthate compound. A pure testosterone hormone attached to the fairly large Enanthate ester. As a testosterone compound, Primoteston will carry and display the same traits as all testosterone compounds and it is those traits we want to focus on first. Testosterone represents the primary male sex hormone, the primary androgen and is essential to the development of the male sex organs and masculine characteristics. While essential to such traits it is also an essential hormone for women; however, women only require about a tenth of what men do. As for Primoteston, this is simply a synthetic version of this naturally produced hormone and once provided to the body in exogenous fashion the body knows no difference.

In-order to understand Primoteston thoroughly we have broken it down into two sections, direct function and enhanced benefits; letís start with direct function. Testosterone is essential to our general health and wellbeing and when levels fall each and every area the hormone is responsible for can begin to falter. When we look at the areas that can falter we can begin to understand this hormones importance as it pertains to our general health; weíre referring to the condition known as low testosterone. When low testosterone occurs there are several symptoms that can begin to show and when ignored, over time many of the symptoms begin to be displayed. Those who suffer from low testosterone, a condition that can be remedied fully by Primoteston often display the following symptoms:

∑ Erectile Dysfunction: this can refer to partial or full Ė the inability to obtain or maintain an erection.

∑ Loss of Libido: this refers to the loss of desire for sexual activity Ė can refer to a decline or total loss of desire.

∑ Loss of Muscle Mass: muscle tissue begins to vanish despite proper diet and exercise.

∑ Loss of Strength: strength begins to vanish despite proper diet and exercise.

∑ Increased Body Fat: body fat begins to accumulate despite proper diet and exercise.

∑ Loss of Energy: despite a healthy lifestyle the body is no longer able to fully recover and energy levels are drained.

∑ Loss of Mental Clarity or Focus: the testosterone hormone plays an integral role on our brains functioning nature and when levels are low it begins to falter just as does our physical nature.

∑ Insomnia: when hormone levels our low basic daily functions can falter.

  • Lethargy: see energy and insomnia.

  • Irritability: see all of the above.

As you can see, low testosterone is no joking matter and while there is no direct cure compounds like Primoteston can provide a full remedy. Of course the condition is not life threatening and you can ignore it, but studies have shown low testosterone can be a gateway to many far more serious conditions. Low testosterone has been linked to Alzheimerís disease, osteoporosis, diabetes and even heart disease.

By understanding low testosterone itís easy to see how beneficial testosterone can be on a basic functioning level. Further, with the use of Primoteston we can provide what our body needs in a direct fashion when levels are low and as a result improve our overall wellbeing. Even so, this is not all Primoteston is good for. When the hormone is provided in a manner that takes our testosterone levels above base levels of health and function the basic traits of the hormone itself are enhanced. In short, there is more testosterone available to do what testosterone does best. In this case, we are referring to what is known as performance enhancement. When treating low testosterone we are simply replacing what the body is missing but in performance enhancement we are providing more than what a natural body can produce. In doing so, compounds like Primoteston can enhance several of the most basic steroidal traits and while they may be basic they are invaluable.

∑ Enhanced Protein Synthesis: proteins represent the building blocks of muscles and synthesis refers to the rate by-which cells build proteins Ė enhanced synthesis results in enhanced anabolic activity which in-turn results in a greater capacity for lean tissue growth.

∑ Enhanced Nitrogen Retention: all lean muscle tissue is comprised of approximately 16% nitrogen and while that may sound like a miniscule amount it holds an enormous importance. When nitrogen levels fall we enter into a catabolic state. Conversely, when they are enhanced so is anabolic activity Ė enhanced nitrogen levels provide more anabolic action for tissue and strength gains as well as provide the ability to maintain lean tissue under stress.

∑ Increased Red Blood Cell Count: red blood cells are responsible for carrying oxygen to and through the blood and the greater the count the greater our blood oxygenation levels Ė increases in red blood cell count therefor result in greater muscular endurance and even promote recovery to a degree.

∑ Increased IGF-1 Production: Insulin Like Growth Factor-1 is a naturally produced anabolic hormone of the peptide class that affects nearly every last cell in the human body. While playing a tremendous anabolic role, IGF-1 also plays a key role on our bodyís ability to recover Ė while highly anabolic it is IGF-1ís ability to promote tissue, ligament and tendon recovery that makes it vastly important as well as itís correlating relationship on cartilage and even the CNS to a degree.

∑ Androgen Receptor Binding: compounds like Primoteston bind fairly well to the androgen receptor and the firmer a compound binds the stronger it will be. Further, this binding to the androgen receptor also promotes lipolysis directly Ė stronger binding equals more anabolic power and enhanced or direct fat burning.

∑ Decreased Glucocorticoid Production: glucocorticoids are hormones that destroy muscle tissue and promote fat gain; in many ways they are the opposite of anabolic hormones. Commonly referred to as stress hormones, cortisol being the most well-known, the use of Primoteston inhibits their release Ė inhibited glucocorticoids results in more muscle mass and less body fat.

Now that you understand the benefits and effects of testosterone the next order of business is discovering how the Enanthate ester affects them. Enanthate is not a steroid; it is not a hormone but simply an ester that can be attached to a hormone in-order to control its release time. In the case of Enanthate, we have a large ester and as a result a compound that causes a rather slow hormone release; in-fact, Primoteston as all Testosterone Enanthate compounds will carry a half-life of 8 days. Further, the ester also affects the compounds total molecular weight; it takes up space in the compound and therefore affects its potency. For example, Primoteston comes dosed at 250mg/ml but due to the large Enanthate ester taking up space the total amount of actual testosterone is approximately 180mg per 250mg applied. As for the traits of the testosterone hormone as discussed above, none of that changes.

The Side Effects of Primoteston:

From what weíve discussed so far itís not too hard to see how beneficial Primoteston can be; however, itís not without possible side effects. For the individual who is using Primoteston to combat a low testosterone condition, side effects are rarely an issue; after all, youíre merely replacing what youíre missing. When it comes to the side effects of Primoteston, while possible in hormone replacement therapy plans the true possibility comes when it is used for performance enhancement purposes. Even so, itís important to remember possible does not mean guaranteed and for the healthy adult male who supplements responsibly the side effects of Primoteston do not have to be an issue.

There are two categories of side effects, estrogenic and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) related with estrogenic being the most common. Primoteston like all testosterone compounds has the ability to aromatize, convert to estrogen and this can lead to side effects, all of which are avoidable. Further, testosterone has the ability to lead to another androgen in the DHT conversion process and excess DHT can lead to another grouping of side effects that are more genetically based. The side effects of Primoteston as well as their preventive measures include:

∑ Acne: DHT related Ė normally only a concern for those who are already genetically sensitive to acne. Can be avoided by giving extra effort into keeping the skin clean and dry at all times. Staying away from low-grade products and only using pure and contaminant free products like Primoteston will also protect you.

∑ Gynecomastia: Estrogenic related Ė due to the estrogen hormone attaching to the receptors in the chest. Can be prevented through the use of Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERMís) such as Tamoxifen Citrate (Nolvadex) or Aromatase Inhibitors (AIís) such as Anastrozole (Arimidex). SERMís provide protection by binding to the receptor in the place of estrogen while AIís inhibit the aromatase process and lower estrogen levels. SERMís will work for some but itís often not strong enough. AIís will guarantee this side effect does not occur in most men.

∑ Hair Loss: DHT related Ė DHT has the ability to deteriorate the hair follicles but this is only something those predisposed to male pattern baldness will have to concern themselves with. Simply put, you were going to lose your hair anyway but the excess DHT may speed it up. The use of the 5-alpha reductase inhibitor Finasteride can buy you some time by suppressing the DHT hormone. It doesnít work for all men but it does for most.

∑ High Blood Pressure: Secondary Estrogenic Ė see water retention.

∑ Prostate Enlargement: DHT related Ė excess DHT can cause prostate enlargement but with responsible use most men will not have an issue if their prostate was healthy to begin with and there is no underlying physical issue. If for any reason enlargement occurs, this is where the 5-alpha reductase inhibitor Finasteride will prove to be invaluable as it is an androgen suppressor and the androgen DHT is causing the problem.

∑ Water Retention: Estrogenic Related: the most common side effect of Primoteston and perhaps the easiest of all to avoid. Excess estrogen will result in water retention and in-order to reduce estrogen levels nothing works better than the same AI used to combat gynecomastia. If excess water retention is allowed to abound, this can also lead to high blood pressure; control water retention and control blood pressure.

As you can see the side effects of Primoteston can be avoided but there is one more issue we must touch on, cholesterol. In-order to provide true protection from the side effects of Primoteston many will need to call on an AI and AIís can have a negative impact on cholesterol. For this reason, it is imperative you have healthy lipid profiles before beginning any supplementation program and you must continue to live in a way that promotes them. This can easily be done but you will need to keep a close eye on your cholesterol throughout the process.