Primoteston Doses

Primoteston doses like many anabolic steroids can vary quite a bit. Those with vast experience and extreme goals often use massive Primoteston doses; however, in many case more so than is necessary. As an extremely high quality steroid, most will find a little goes a long way, but there are justifiable reasons for higher doses in some cases. Through our discussion we want to look at Primoteston doses for all levels of use. Weíll discuss this steroid in a bulking and cutting capacity as well as standard to advanced levels of dosing. In the end youíll be able to decide what Primoteston doses are right for you.

Bulking & Cutting Primoteston Doses:

As Testosterone Enanthate is one of the more versatile steroids on earth if not the most versatile, Primoteston doses for bulking and cutting are generally the same. Wherever your Primoteston doses fall, you will find the same dose will work for the opposite goal and it will do so each and every time. Of course, some may find slightly lower doses during the cutting phase to be beneficial, especially at the backend of a cutting plan, but overall they will largely remain the same.

Base Primoteston Doses:

For the purpose of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), Primoteston doses will normally fall in the 250mg every 7-10 day range depending on the physician prescribing the steroid. Some might prescribe a little less but this range is a good rule of thumb. For performance enhancement athletes, base Primoteston doses will normally be at 500mg per week split into two separate 250mg injections. With such a dose, all the traits of performance will be enhanced and there is absolutely no reason the goals of muscular enhancement or cutting cannot be reached. Further, such doses will work just as well your first, second or 100th time as the body will not adapt or become accustomed in a negative way. More importantly and this is a big one, Primoteston doses of a base level are very easy to control for most healthy adult men meaning with proper use side effects can be avoided.


Increasing Primoteston Doses:

While base Primoteston doses will undeniably work, many will want more as that is simply our nature. If more is desired itís a good idea to at least give base doses a try first in-order to determine your reaction and tolerance and if more is still desired go from there. Primoteston doses can be increased above 500mg per week with 750mg to 1,000mg per week being fairly common. Such Primoteston doses will increase the risk of adverse side effects; however, the possibility of avoidance is still well within reach for the healthy adult male who supplements responsibly while living a healthy lifestyle.

Risky Primoteston Doses:

While Primoteston doses of a 1,000mg per week range can be used successfully they do carry a risk and doses above this mark will greatly exasperate it. When our doses go beyond this mark you may find combating aromatase to be extremely difficult even with the use of an Aromatase Inhibitor (AI). If your Primoteston doses have already reached the 1,000mg per week mark and you still want more, your best bet will be to receive what youíre looking for with an increase in non-aromatizing steroids.

Managing Primoteston Doses:

With base level Primoteston doses, simply following the guidelines laid out in the side effect section will work. In such cases, proper supplementation and an administration schedule of two injections per week will get the job done. As for high-end Primoteston doses, the same rules as it pertains to side effects will apply; however, the injection frequency can vary. Many find splitting their injections up into smaller every other day injections to greatly protect them from aromatase activity. While this isnít necessary based on the steroidís half-life it does appear to aid in the controlling of estrogenic side effects remarkably well due to less testosterone being administered all at once.